Well I love Lucha Libre and I love eating, so what a better place to go than a Restaurant – Cafeteria torta place owned by a Lucha Libre Wrestler, Super Astro.

The Restaurant – Cafeteria is named “El Cuadrilatero” a very small place located on Luis Moya # 73, Col. Centro Historico, Mexico City. It is like 4 blocks from Alameda Park.

Place was busy when I went I arrived on a Saturday afternoon. Waiters were real fast in this place, which is rear for Mexico City. They have various sizes of tortas, I got the smallest one on the menu and it was still as big as my head. I felt sort of embarrassed when a small skinny young lady sat next to me at ate a torta bigger than mine. I mean she stretched that mouth wide like a boa constrictor. I think the torta was bigger than her butt, and if she keeps eating these things, that soon will not be the case.

They have this GIANT Torta in this place too: Eat one of those things and your torta is FREE.

Click here “El Cuadrilatero” for a short slide show of the place.