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2009 June 23
by Jesus

The other day I took some friends of mine to Plaza Garibaldi, a place with filled with a sea of Mariachis and a place where we even drank pulque.

While we were drinking pulque, a drink the Aztecs drank during religious ceremonies, these clowns, a big guy with a mustache and a skinny guy came up to our table to entertain us – making flowers out of those long skinny balloons. As these two young silly clowns performed I immediate thought – I know those guys! Not an exact match but a nevertheless a match of Laurel and Hardy – Latino style.

Laurel and Hardy have been reincarnated and have been reunited in México City performing at Plaza Garibaldi.

Or had I drank too much pulque?

Here is a video of people having a great time at Plaza Garibaldi – it can get wild

2 Responses
  1. Angelina permalink
    June 24, 2009

    Looks like the park where you took Linda and I, where everyone was dancing. Did you take us here when we went to Mexico City? Looks like fun :)

  2. Jesus Chairez permalink
    June 25, 2009

    Yes, we went there too.

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