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Getting ready for Day of the Dead – Mexico City 2009

2009 October 27
by Jesus

The city seems to be all a glow in orange with the marigold flowers used in the Day of Dead rituals – .. “marigolds called “cempasúchitl” (originally named cempoalxochitl, Nahuatl for “twenty (i.e., many) flowers”), see Day of the Dead.  All along el Paseo de la Reforma,especially near Chapultapec Park are 1000’s of marigolds.  Marigolds can be found in every market, mercado, along with various items one needs for one’s Day of the Dead home altar.  It is a wonderful time to be here in Mexico.

Here are some shots of pre-Day of the Dead – Dia de los Muertos 2009 in Mexico City.  Click photos below for a slide shows.

Getting ready for Day of the Dead – the streets of Mexico City 2009

Jesus Chairez altar - Mexico City 2009

My home altar in Col. Santa Maria la Ribera

Will be shooting Day of the Dead here in Mexico City, well near Mexico City proper in Mixquic.  So be watching for this the first week in November.

Here is a short video taken in Mixquic.

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  1. Rebecca Boatman permalink
    October 28, 2009

    Thank you for the video. It brings back my memories of oaxaca and the surrounding villages. Of all of my life experiences I have to say that my experiences with Dia de los Muertos was the most life altering. There is such a joyous love of family.
    A video cannot replicate the sounds, smell of incense and marigolds, quiet footsteps and most of all the wind, breezes, and spiritual feelings that are aroused. The next experience to this holiday was my trip to the prehistoric caves in France last year. If one’s heart is open, the presence will be felt.

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