Bad vibes left at the door & not on me or my home

I have always felt that México was enchanted:  Full of card and palm readers,  Curanderos (healers) and witches.  A Mexican friend of mine that now lives in Dallas says that all this is “nonsense.”  But after she says that she also adds, BUT you now live in México and strange things happen there.  So here is my story of a strange happening  …

picture of aloe vera a.k.a. in Mexico as planta savila

Being that I saw numerous aloe vera plants sitting at the entrance of homes and businesses I asked why and I was told, to ward off mala vibra, negative energy.  So being I didn’t want negative energy in my home I got a plant too and put it at the entrance of my home – there my plant sat for months.

BUT then the other day I had a visitor, we talked, drank wine and then went to dinner.  We visited my home again and then he left:  I went to bed.

The next morning as I walked past my aloe vera plant I noted it was leaning to one side of the pot looking sickly. My first thought was that it needed water, but it looked fine the evening before – strange.  I picked up the pot and touched the plant and it flopped to the other side of the pot.  I picked up the plant itself and it came apart:  Did my guest, one that I had not known before, have bad energy?  Had the plant absorb the bad energy and kept it from me or from entering my home? Or did it just fade away?

I was going to throw the plant away in my kitchen trash can, but thought better of it:  I don’t want bad energy in my home so I took the dying plant and threw it in the garbage across the street.   I then walked to my local market, Mercado, to purchase another aloe vera plant or planta savila as it is called here.

As I carried my new plant home, I walked by the seamstress that does my sewing.   I said hello to the lady and stopped for a moment to chitchat – something I often do.  She saw my plant and says, that she keeps one at home and business too and pointed to the plant at the door.  I thought OK, but I didn’t mention what had happened to my plant.

Then she says, that the plant is not the original that she had when she opened the business six months ago.  She replaced the original because one day she noticed the plant was leaning in the pot, she had checked it out and it was dying.  But then she said, the base of the leaves had red like if it had been crying tears.  I said OMG, my plant too, which is why I was buying me another.

I cannot explain what happened, but my plant suddenly died after what I thought was a enjoyable visit:  As I left the lady said, be careful of whom you let into your home.

below pictures of my dying aloe vera that took the hit