A great way to start 2010: Dia de los Reyes party

The new year has been a slow go here because it has been too cold and rainy; not like the USA but cold to México City standards.   We are in the dry season here in Mexico when it doesn’t rain from November – May of each year, but for the last three days it has been cloudy and raining. Local people, the elders, say they have not seen it this cold, 45 degrees, or raining for as long as they can remember – these are people that are like in their late 60’s to early 70’s that I personally know. The weather is a changing!

My New Years start was great; I started the new year with a BIG PARTY: el Dia de los Reyes – a Day of the Kings party that was well attended. Had so many people at my place in Col. Santa Maria la Ribera that we ran almost ran out of the 16 bottles of wine that I had and the wine people had brought too.  I had Rosca de Reyes (King Cake) and hot chocolate too which is a tradition here in Mexico.  Gosh we even had dancing on the rooftop!

A great way to start the year, with a party and with old and new friends: New Year new posts, so be watching out for that.  AND the Dia de los Reyes would not have been possible without the help of Juliet Lambert, owner of Spice Catering.  Thank you JULIET –  

pictured is Juliet Lambert and Jesus Chairez

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