Old ride found in Col. San Rafael

I ran across this old car the other day, walking from Paseo de la Reforma through Col. San Rafael on my way to Col. Santa Maria la Ribera.  Does anyone know the make, model and most especially the year?

I loved seeing this old car parked on the street, obviously being driven today.   Was it from a collector of vintage cars?  I don’t think so because it was parked on the street and too, not in mint condition. Had to be someone’s everyday ride.

Note the orange color in the middle of the windshield

(untitled)Seeing this car, I couldn’t help but remember when I drove an old car myslef, a turquoise colored 1964 Ford Galaxie 500, I would often get comments from Yuppies: cool car, but what’s your other car –- a BMW?  What other car? This is my only car!

But the fun part of finding this car is this: you know how a lot of people like to fancy up their cars by hanging all kinds of things on their review mirror?  Well this driver is no exception – take a look and the orange color dangling from the rear view mirror: maybe this car is only driven on Halloween!


Note the roll of toilet paper on the car seat — yep, someone’s everyday ride.