Javier Marín – Sculptor: Mexico City

I had heard about Javier Marín’s sculpture and seen some pics of his recent works on FaceBook too. So I had to go see for myself: went to see his works at Palacio de Culture – Banamex and Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso.

I was totally taken aback by the size of works. His bio reads: “The increasing presence of larger pieces in public spaces evidently parts from a contemporary conceptualization about urban interventions. Marín’s public artwork opens up towards its physical and human context, offering alternative interpretations of it, as well as of the piece itself. His sculpture takes its exploration to all sorts of places and towards different kinds of experiences, encouraging a constant and dynamic feedback. In his creative work, Marín explores human interactions and follows a sense of balance, in a formal as well as in a conceptual aspect.

Javier Marín’s work is a must see: To view the rest of my images I took, Please go to my Javier Marin album on Flickr.


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