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My first soirée 2012 in Col. Santa Maria la Ribera

2012 January 28
by Jesus

On the evening of January 21st I had my first party in my apartment in Col. Santa Maria la Ribera.  It was a small intimate one – a time to say hello and to see old friends.  It was great and fun.  Michael William Parker Stainback, Mexico City’s glamorous party boy from El Centro Historico came with his entourage.  It was muy fun.

(untitled)Here I am in a group shot

Well, this good thing didn’t last. Turns the landlord was a real ass and I moved with in a month!! Such is life in Col. Santa Maria la Ribera!!!

I am back in México City’s Col. Santa Maria la Ribera

2012 January 28
by Jesus

I know I wrote where I had moved back to Dallas in September 2010.  Knowing that Dallas can be hot in the summer, I went to stay in México City during the summer of 2011.  I stayed with friends, but this proved difficult. Seeing the 110º summer weather in Dallas I knew I had made the right choice – México City always seems to have spring weather: but moving around was a pain in the butt.

While visiting, my friend Bernardo Plasencia, who lives in Col. Santa Maria la Ribera, asked me over for dinner.  After dinner he said, I have something to show you: we went to the roof of his building where he showed me a small apartment he was remodeling.  The apartment had panoramic views of the city and a roof garden.  The evening quite, cool breezes and view of the stars and the moon, was most enjoyable – it felt like sanctuary.  Though remodeling was not completed, what had been done looked great.

I said, this is wonderful and then he says, “I am doing this for you.”  He said he was hoping I would like what I saw and that I return to Santa Maria to live and to WRITE.  I was so honored, how could I say no.  So we made a contract and after my summer visit I return to Dallas to downsize so I could afford the apartment in D.F. and await the completion of the remodeling. And the thought of no more staying with friends and carting heavy luggage around town when in Mexico City sounded charming.

On Thursday evening January 12, 2012, I picked up my keys to once again live in Col. Santa Maria la Ribera on Dr. Atl across from the park Alameda Santa Maria with the Moorish Kiosk.   Having arrived on an airplane, I of course didn’t have much, no bed or furniture: but I did have enough that customs asked if what I was bringing was personal or items to sell! LOL

My first evening in my new apartment I borrowed a pillow and blanket and slept on an air mattress.  As I laid down to sleep, I couldn’t help but think  of the time I first moved away from my parent’s house: with nothing, sleeping on the floor, starting a now life adventure.

The first few days I spent tending to workers finishing up the apartment and getting things for my home.  Then nine days later I had my first soirée.  It was good seeing old friends and to be hanging once again in México City

I do keep getting the question: Are you permanently back in México City?  Well, I don’t see my world as permanent:  wife’s/husbands, lovers and even friends get divorced: people die and I too will one day die, hopefully not soon though LOL!  So to me, it seems, nothing is permanent.

BUT  I do have two places to live now:  I have a small apartment in Dallas’ Oak Cliff in an artist compound with a wonderful courtyard and then I have my small apartment, an art/writer’s studio, on the roof of an apartment building with a roof garden in México City’s Col. Santa Maria la Ribera. Living one day at time, living each day to the fullest in two countries – enjoying my wonderful ride.

Chester the roof cat.

photo of Chester voguing on the roof – click image for slide show of apartment

Quartz Crystal Ring – Cracks FACE!

2011 August 29
by Jesus

Ever since an elderly gentleman gave me a quartz crystal stone at the Zocalo in México City because as he said, it gives energy, I have carried one in my pocket.

Well yesterday, Sunday, August 28, 2011, I was in México City’s Alameda Central in Centro Historico and I saw that this guy had made quartz crystal rings – I thought cool.  Why not wear a quartz crystal instead of having it in my pocket with my change – always gets in the way when making change; carrying the quartz crystal in my back pocket didn’t work – especially when sitting down, OUCH.

Quartz Crystal Ring

purchased quartz crystal stone ring

Well, I wore my ring with great pride: thought it looked cool.  BUT this morning, I took my laundry to be washed and the laundry lady’s little girl of about five years of age noted my ring.  And in a tiny five-year old Spanish language voice asks me: Why are you wearing that big ring?  At first I ignored her, but she asks again.  AND then I said, because it looks pretty.

Well this tiny little girl cracks my face when she says:  Women only wear big rings like that, men don’t.  Needless to say, I CLUTCHED MY PEARLS: I was at a loss for words — and her mother didn’t say a thing either: like we didn’t hear that. LOL